Expand your AIM Business local and worldwide.

Every website is developed with the vision of helping every AIM distributor achieve their dreams and goals by penetrating the vast online market with the perfect online marketing tools.

Dynamic, Affordable, Innovative, and user friendly, there´s no need of technical skills to operate your business online, Expanding your business online will Change your way of recruiting and helps you build international organizations!

Flexible and Easy Features

Totally NO NEED of any computer or internet skill to operate your website.
All features are automated.

Always online

Your business will be online 24/7 and covering the whole world to recruit and sell online.

Online Store

You can sell all the AIM global products and packages online.

Innovative security

Your data is always safe, and your website is always back upped, so no worries at all.

The cheapest marketing tools nation wide.

Your COMPLETE website comes with a price that is affordable for EVERY distributor of AIM 1 DRAGON Family.

  • 1 time payment of 1200 php for the domain registration www.yourname.com
  • 300 pesos per month ONLY for the complete package
  • with your very own personal www.yourname.com domain name.

The highest level of professional presence on the internet.

Avail now and start recruiting worldwide in 104 languages …

Fill up the form and make the payment of 1500 pesos to start.
Payments can be made via Western Union, Palawan Express to:
Tony Delcart
123 Villareal Street,
Quezon City
Phone: 0939 129 9357

Step by step procedure:
– Fill up the form and make the payment
– Add me on FB https://www.facebook.com/tdelcart
– Confirm your payment in messenger with screenshot of deposit.
– I will guide you to provide me all the info that i need to build your website.
– YOUR website will be ready within 1 week or sooner.

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