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Ener-Chi Diffuser

Ener-Chi Diffuser is a thin disk that you can stick onto any of your electronic devices such as cellular phones, laptops, tablets and others to counteract the serious and long-term harmful effects of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation. We live in a world where electronic devices are everywhere, thus exposing ourselves to electro pollution, which has been shown to cause serious health issues ranging from diabetes to cancer.

Protect your brain from any electronic devices radiation.

Introducing our New Aim Global Product ENER-CHI DIFFUSER Anti -Radiation.


It can be use for any electronic devices like Tablets,Laptops,desktop etc.

Lowers down the impact of Lower Magnetic Radiation/ EMF

Ener-Chi has a clinical Studies

Ener-chi infusion from vital Force Technology Oregon USA.

Ener-Chi Pendant

Nu U H2

Ultra H2

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