Natural Oxygen Bar

With the revolutionary anti-aging, smoothing and whitening action. It contains liquid oxygen to promote gentle healing and effective cell rejuvenation. Also, prevents virus and bacterial growth which can cause skin imperfections.


BIO ANTIAGE PLANT COMPLEX – Clinically proven to increase human dermal fibroblast cell growth and prevent depression of fibroblast activity as well as inhibit moisture release from skin, resulting in increased skin elasticity and rapid wrinkle prevention
OMEGALIGHT – Clinically proven to illuminate skin, dark spots, and prevent hyperpigmentation
LUMIN8 Derma Complex – Clinically proven to promote rapid, intense and long-term whitening
AJIDEW P C A – Na – clinically proven to retain moisture in the skin and prevent skin shrinkage
LIQUID OXYGEN – Infuses a powerful burst of Oxygen to the skin to promote healing and encourage cell rejuvenation

Massage gently onto wet skin to create a luxurious moisturizing lather. Wash off thoroughly. For use on face and body.
Use in tandem with Naturacentials Coffee Scrub+Mask, Strawberry Scrub Face+Body, Antioxidant Facial Toner and Instant White Lotion Face+Body

✔ 100% NO Harmful Chemicals
✔ No BHT, No Parabens, no Sulfates, no Formaldehyde
✔ Formulated and Tested in Japan
✔ Dermatologically Formulated
✔ Hypo-allergenic
✔ FDA Approved

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